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TruthTalks: How to Evaluate Truth Claims

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Last week Dr Christopher Peppler wrote THIS post called “How to Evaluate Truth Claims”, this is the audio version of that post.

So, I have to ashamedly put my hand up when asked if I have ever bought into conspiracy theories. Sometimes the world seems just crazy enough that my thought process (for example) is thus: “So my friend sent me a warning about people dressed as bunnies hijacking cars now” – “hey, why not?” (shrug).

Of course, I am in the great position of asking Christopher Peppler (Dad) to do the grunt work of researching these furry felons, and in this TruthTalks podcast he tells us how to do just that.

By the way, you too can ask him for clarity on anything if you can’t find the answers yourself – it always works for me.

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