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I think it is time to give a Truth is The Word report back. My son Lance interviewed me recently for a blog he has started. Here are the main questions and summaries of my responses. They constitute a reasonable idea of the status of the ministry and should prove interesting to anyone who has been supporting the effort to restore the lost focus on the Lord Jesus Christ to the church.

Chris, tell us about Truth is The Word.

TITW is a Jesus-centred repository of resources. At present, it consists only of my life work, but I have plans to include other authors later. It is part of a worldwide mission to restore the centrality of Jesus to the church.

I started it in 2006 (13 years ago) on BlogSpot (now called Blogger) but moved it to its own domain in 2014. In that year, it averaged 20,000 hits per month. By 2018, this had grown to 70,000, and in this year so far it is averaging 120,000 hits per month.

What does the ministry comprise of?
On the site, you can find Blog posts, Podcasts, articles, books, sermons and links to the social media accounts.
How many blogs and podcasts have you produced, and what has been your most popular production?
I post twice a month and produce two podcasts (TruthTalks) per month. So far, there are 560 posts on the site with 780 comments, and the TruthTalks have been listened to by 8600 unique visitors. The most popular post to date is “The worm has been turned” which attracted 250,000 hits in the space of two weeks. Click HERE if you would like to read this particular article.

There are also  3 major books and 4 Christian QuickReads on the site (Click HERE) as well as over 100 articles, 40 videos (on the linked Youtube channel) and 110 sermon audios and notes.

What is your vision for Truth is The Word and your plans for the future?
I am presently concentrating on Amazon Kindle publishing, and also starting to refocus on church leaders as a primary audience. I will also be broadening the scope of articles to include all of ROADS, which is an acronym for Relationships, Outreach, Anointing, Doctrine, and Structure – Five ingredients of a healthy growing church. All articles will of course have a distinctly Jesus-centred perspective.

My medium term plans are to build the subscriber base and then eventually open the site to other authors, theologians and church leaders as a platform for Christocentric publishing in general.

Do you get enjoyment from it?
Yes, I do. I love preaching and writing and I derive great satisfaction from being part of the mission to restore the centrality of Jesus to the church.
So, as you can see, we are growing and we can grow even more with your assistance. Sharing posts always helps to get the word out, and so would sending this link to your family and friends…  https://truthistheword.com/revival-book-complimentary-access/ 

Thank you for reading the posts and for your comments. Kindest regards.

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