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Hello, in this short series of alternate posts (we normally do one a week but I’m sneaking these in on Fridays) I want to show you some of the fabulous new features on the new www.truthistheword.com website. Today we continue the tour.


1At the top of the page under the banner and the big buttons we spoke about last week are all the most recent posts. These are updated at least weekly and will appear here with the most recent one on the left. We keep as regular a schedule as possible with posting an article/blog post one week and then a TruthTalks audio version the next week. You can read the recent posts by clicking on either the name or the button.
2Click on “View All” to go to the archive of all the posts..
3This little arrow will follow you down any page you are on and is so that you can get back to the top of the page with ease.


4Speaking of the top of the page, I hope you have noticed that there is a menu at the very top of the site which quickly navigates you to all the “main” site areas. Always click on HOME to get back to this starting page if you get lost.
5At the top right you will find a search function. Simply type in a phrase and hit enter. It will show you all the results containing that word, starting from the latest post.
6 I typed in “Jesus” as my keyword so there are obviously a LOT of posts.
7allows you to find Christopher Peppler and Truth is The Word on social media sites and
8 gives you a list of the most recent posts and when they were published to the site.

That leaves me with one more note for today. When you open a post (read a published blog post) there are 2 special features:


9links to the bible verse which opens in a new tab in case you want to read the entire verse for yourself. You may have noticed that only the name of the book and the chapter number is hyperlinked and this is your admin putting what I’ve read on this site into action, it’s to remind ourselves to read all verses in context. And finally
10 is also courtesy of your non-theologically minded administrator. When you hover your mouse over a word with a dashed line it will show you an explanation of the term used.

I hope you are getting something out of these posts and enjoying the new site.

All the best, Admin

Please tell your friends about the site, along with the weekly God-inspired messages, we will be featuring some of Dr Christopher Pepplers books soon, and are looking at a giveaway amongst other exciting feature, so please pass the message along.

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