Two new Sermons to Bless and Challenge



Hi everyone, this week I am posting two new sermons onto the site which I think will bless you. Next week we will get back to the Revelation Revisited series.

The first sermon is an exposition of Luke 4:14-30. This portion of scripture contains several problems which I try to illuminate. For instance, the Isaiah text Jesus reads out in the synagogue does not exactly match either the Hebrew or the Greek Septuagint (early translation of the Old Testament) versions. Also, without appreciating the parallel accounts in Matthew and Mark it is difficult to make sense of the sudden change of the crowd’s reaction apparent half way through verse 22, and Jesus’ response to this. But the sermon is not just a background study of the passage because I pick up on three major points that come from the text; the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the really good news of the Gospel, and the danger of missing the Lords presence through familiarity and lack of faith. Here is the link.

I preached the second sermon just a few days ago. It is called ‘God is Able’ and is an exposition of Jude verses 24 and 25. God’s ability, His miraculous power, is not restrained by natural laws, supernatural forces, or by us. He is able to keep us from falling away from The Faith during this life-time, and when we die He is able to complete our salvation and present us faultless and acceptable to the Godhead. Here is the link to this sermon.

These sermons, and many more, can be found at

Next week I will be writing about the Lord’s letter to the church in Sardis, the church that thought it was alive and dynamic … but wasn’t.

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