TruthTalks: Living in Today

Last week, Dr Christopher Peppler wrote THIS post on how to apply the often heard sayings “Live for Today” or “live in the moment”, “seize the day” etc.

For those of you who are more inclined to listen to this great advice then please click on the play button below. If you enjoy TruthTalks, pass them along, like them, subscribe to them, or leave a comment, they are always welcome.

One last thing, living in today happens to be living in a day very close to Christmas and since TruthIsTheWord will be in recess until the end of January, now is my last chance to urge you to improve your life by purchasing the eBook or print version of “Revelation, in the Light of the Stars”, or any of Christopher’s other books. Don’t forget to scroll down to listen to the TruthTalks podcast online. Until next time, Admin

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