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Hebrews Session 4

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Hello all, I hope you are gaining something from the series as it’s time for the next episode of the Hebrews bible study and you can access it on


As usual the video will go live on my youtube channel at 12h00 Tuesday (08/03/2022) and if you attend at that time (you can set a reminder to do so) you can say hi on the chat and I will be there to wave back and answer any questions you may have. We are on Hebrews chapter 3 so get your bibles bookmarked.

In this session the two main themes are:
  1. Jesus our superior king (leader) and
  2. The second of the five solemn warnings.

This session was the most technically challenging of all so far. Things just did not work the way they should have and after trying five times to record, I managed to knock my glass of water all over my work surface…grrr.

Anyway, we all like bloopers so here is one of the lighter moments in the recording saga:


As always, if you prefer to listen to the bible study as an audio-only version, just click on the play button below.

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