TruthTalks: The Bloodthirsty Warrior God of the Bible

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We just cannot avoid the fact that parts of the Old Testament depict God as a bloodthirsty warrior.

As a continuation of last weeks post on the God of the Old Testament, Dr. Christopher Peppler goes into more detail in this audio file. In the Q & A session, we mostly discuss this statement:

“When we encounter these incidents [the seemingly extremely harsh incidents] in scriptures, we can respond in one of three ways.

  • We can reason that God must have had a good reason for acting no better than a pagan deity of the nations surrounding Israel;
  • OR that we must just accept these portrayals of God because they are in the infallible scriptures and must, therefore, be true depictions of aspects of God’s nature;
  • OR that something else is going on here that we need to understand.”
What else IS going on? Listen to the TruthTalk by clicking the play button below.

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