Systematic Theology

An introduction to Systematic Theology, Published in ‘A Student’s A-Z of Theology’ Ed. B. Domeris and K.Smith by South African Theological Seminary Press.

Theology is, in essence, ‘faith seeking understanding’, and SystematicTheology is the discipline that seeks to bring together scriptural and church Faith in an organised and life-relevant way. God did not design the Bible as a comprehensive theological dictionary and so Systematic Theology plays an important role in making biblical truth accessible in a holistic and comprehensive fashion. As a discipline, it links with Biblical and Practical Theology to form a theological educational trinity. However, Systematic Theologies are written from historic, cultural, and dogmatic perspectives and so should be carefully evaluated against biblical truth. Good evangelical Systematic Theology is an indispensable part of any serious study of the nature, purposes, and ways of Almighty God.


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