Be Blessed this Christmas

Be Blessed this Christmas

Be Blessed this Christmas

On the 25th December each year we choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The incarnation of God the Son in the person of Jesus of Nazareth is the most profound supernatural intervention this world has ever experienced. I truly hope that the wonder of this miracle, this Good News, will grip your hearts and light up your eyes this Christmas time, and that you will be BLESSED!
truthtalksI have added some more sermons and articles, so if you find you have some down-time over the Christmas season then do have a look and a listen. Click a title below to listen to a sermon right now, or go to my Sermons page by CLICKING HERE where you will also find the sermon notes.

The Grace of Giving is based on 2 Corinthians 8 verses 1 to 15. Financial giving is important but is a grace, not a law or a means of getting back from God. This sermon is about the true nature and blessing of giving.

Glory Glory Hallelujah is from Matthew 17 verses 1 to 8 and unveils something of the transfigured glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. At Panias He asked His disciples who they though He was, and on Mount Hermon He showed them who He truly was!

Hope-Full is just that! I take a look at Romans 15 verse 13 to find hope in the Lord. My apologies for the muffled sound, as this is an earlier sermon and we hadn’t quite got the noise reduction down yet, but all the later sermons are noise-free!

Then, if you would like to read some of the articles I have written you can access them all HERE or click on the topic below:

truthreadsWhat we need most: Published in 2010 this article is still very relevant to today. The solution to the woes of the church, and hence our country can, I believe, be addressed only by a genuine and powerful Holy Spirit revival. Revival is an act of God. The sovereign Lord has already spoken to several of His people about His intention to send revival. Our response is to pray and to recommit ourselves to the authority of the Bible, the practical centrality of Jesus, and the empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit in our churches and lives. In this lies our hope for our nation at this time.

The Privilege of Prayer is an article in which I respond to the question why we, as Christians, are generally so passionless and powerless. I suggested that one of the reasons was that so many of us are confused concerning the nature of prayer, the stewardship of spiritual power, and the need to proclaim in word and ministry – Prayer, Power, and Proclamation.

And in keeping with the time of year, the last article is simply “Christmas”. I was driving an ex-minister friend of mine to a Sunday service when he turned to me and said, “So what’s your doctrine of gambling?” He had just won a lottery and was wrestling with his conscience. Many Christians wrestle a little with Christmas. Should we celebrate it, because, after all many say it is just a pagan festival. Yes, of course we should, and it’s a great time to witness to unsaved family and friends.


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