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Hebrews Session 3

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Tuesday 1st March is International Pancake Day (yum), but it is also when Session 3 of the Hebrews bible study goes live. If you view it at 12h00 noon on Tuesday you will be able to interact with me and others via the chat feature, but you can watch it anytime after that.

The Link is

This session is about how Jesus is superior to angels because they are messengers of the Word of God but he is the Word of God – they are servants but he is The Son.

Hebrews 1:4 to 2:18 also contains the first of five solemn warnings not to drift away from the Christian Faith and it is as much for us as it was for the Jewish Christians of Paul’s day.

As always, if you prefer to listen to the bible study as an audio-only version, please click on the play button below. Please share this post with those who would benefit, and subscribe, like and comment on this and our podcast channel. Thank you.

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