TruthTalks: Captivated By Jesus, An Interview with Alexander Venter

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In case you missed the last few posts (where have you been?) this is a series where Lance (Dr Christopher Peppler’s son) interviews Christian leaders and transcribes the interviews, whereafter we air the interview as the podcast.

If you missed last weeks post then please click HERE. It contains more information on Alexander and his ministry and some thoughts from Dr Christopher Peppler, though you will read and then hear more next week. If you were wondering, Lance is the guy on the left *grin*

In this interview, Alexander shares with us

  • How he became a believer,
  • How he loves Jesus,
  • The role of Jesus in the church, and
  • The impact on the church and world if Jesus was made the centre and focus of the church.

Below is the Audio version (TruthTalks episode) and as always…

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