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Forty days of Kingdom teaching – The Sermon

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What did Jesus teach during the last 40 days before His ascension? Surely He reiterated what He believed to be most important for His disciples to know as they went out into the world to establish His church and extend His kingdom.

Last week’s post consisted of a written version of the sermon I preached in the Lonehill Village Church the Sunday before, and here is the audio of the sermon itself.


The seven main teachings covered in this material are:

One – The Kingdom of God is not political or material. It is not of this world, and our job is to witness to this as ambassadors of Jesus, the king of the unseen but eternally real Kingdom of God.
Two – We will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses.
Three – We are sent into the world as Jesus was sent into the world to proclaim the Kingdom of God, its truth, and its reality… to represent Jesus in the world.
Four – Rebirth of the spirit is required to enter the Kingdom of God and to be Jesus witnesses… not just commitment, but new spiritual life.
Five – We can proclaim forgiveness to all who truly repent and believe in Jesus.
Six – Miraculous empowerment and signs accompany the proclamation of the Good news.
Seven – The primary duty of church leaders is to care for Jesus’ people.