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In the early days of the church Satan’s deep secrets came in the form of pagan idolatry, in later years he promoted his lies through the philosophical gnostic (knowledge) cults, but today they come better disguised.

In the last few posts I have picked up some points from the letters to the first three of the seven churches and in this article I will tie together three threads that appear in the letter to Thyatira. I have commented in previous posts on Jezebel, who is a focal interest in the letter, but now I want to bring together the ‘so called deep secrets’ she taught with Jesus’ injunction to ‘hold on to what you have until I return’, and his declaration that those who overcome will have ‘authority over the nations’.

truth-is-the-word-revelations-email-19-body-picDuring the twentieth century there have been many Christian and pseudo-Christian heresies who’s originators have claimed special, and often secret, revelation. In the last couple of decades we have seen the emergence of the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ (NAR). Sometime in the future I will be writing extensively on this movement but for now I will need to describe it in, perhaps, oversimplified terms. The NAR, contrary to what its name suggests, is not really new at all. Much of its core theology comes from the Latter Rain movement of the 1950’s and 60’s. To this has been added Postmillennial Dominion theology (I will explain this shortly) and what is often referred to as Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare. (One definition of this is ‘praying against territorial spirits, seeking to “map” their strategies over given locations by discerning their names and what they use to keep people in bondage, and then binding them so that evangelism may go unhindered’).

Postmillennialism is one of the various end-time teachings and enjoyed some support before the World Wars. The core idea is that Christianity will become so dominant in human affairs that the world will experience a golden age of peace and prosperity (the millennium) at the end of which Jesus will come again to claim his now perfected bride, the church. The horror of two world wars demonstrated conclusively that human society was not getting progressively better and so postmillennialism quickly fell out of vogue. Now it’s back in a particularly aggressive form labeled Dominionism, a belief that Christ will rule the world through the church by gaining either direct or indirect control over education, government, business and so on. This is how NAR teachers would understand the application of Jesus’ words, “I will give authority over the nations” (Revelation 2:26).

Earthly dominion was never on Jesus’ agenda, the first disciples certainly did not see it as the church’s mandate, and it cannot reasonably be argued from an exhaustive study of scripture

Verses 26 and 27 of Revelation chapter two are complex and require far more analysis than I can give in a short article. These verses quote from Psalm 2 which is generally accepted as a messianic prophecy fulfilled in Christ Jesus. When Jesus began his public ministry the devil tempted him by offering him authority over all the kingdoms of the world, but he rejected this out of hand.. At the end of his public ministry Jesus was asked by Pilate if he indeed was an earthly king and his answer was, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). Earthly dominion was never on Jesus’ agenda, the first disciples certainly did not see it as the church’s mandate, and it cannot reasonably be argued from an exhaustive study of scripture.

When Jesus instructs his church to “hold onto what you have until I return’ he is commenting on what his disciples have been taught by the apostles as opposed to the teachings of Jezebel. In other words, “Stick with what I have taught you and do not get caught up with any so-called deep teachings”. If Jesus and his Apostles did not teach what NAR ‘apostles’ teach then what do they claim as their source of authority? Well, they claim to receive special ‘revelation knowledge’ and by this they usually mean that the Holy Spirit gives them special insight into the meaning of certain scriptures. How this occurs is often by way of allegorical interpretation of types, patterns, and isolated texts, usually drawn from the Old Testament. For instance, the army of locusts in Joel is understood as a type of the end-time church army that will gain dominion over the earth, and so on.

There is some room for responsible allegory because Paul used it on occasions (Galatians 4:21-24 1 Corinthians 10:4) and Jesus sometimes spoke allegorically (John 10), but a good rule for interpreting allegorically is to ensure that any ‘deeper’ meaning is consistent with the literal first intended meaning of the text. By this I mean that any additional meanings of a Bible passage must be consistent with the more obvious meaning of the text and not contradict or present something unrelated to its essential message.

Much of what we hear taught as ‘prophetic revelation’ is based on unfounded allegorical interpretations of Old Testament scriptures. These are not the deep things of Jesus, so we are left to wonder at their source and the validity of those who teach them.

In my next post I want to focus on the phrase ‘morning star’ that Jesus used at the end of his letter to the church in Thyatira, and I am sure you will find it ‘illuminating’.

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8 thoughts on “Satan’s Deep Secrets”

  1. I must say that it is a very good thing that I am not God because if I had the ability to remove lampstands then a large majority of the world church’s lampstands would be removed.

    I would start with all the big personalities that seem to dominate the church landscape from Benny Hinn through to John Piper and even Andy Stanley. I wonder if the fall of Marshill and Mark Driscoll was a removal of that lampstand.

    The church’s that operate as an army and have people as resources would be the next on my list.

    Hopefully doing this would result in a small group of church’s that loved God and loved its people.

    But I am not God…..


      The Lord Jesus is, thankfully, a lot more patient than most of us 🙂 In the letter to Thyatira He writes, ‘I have given her time to repent…’. God seeks redemption before judgement and invariably allows time for repentance before acting. To the church of Laodicea He writes, ‘Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.’ Heresies (so called deep secrets) are often taught through ignorance or genuine yet misguided belief. Heretics, on the other hand, are those who knowingly teach contrary to God’s self revelation in and through His Word. I am a lot more comfortable in identifying heresies than I am in calling our heretics because I do not know the hearts and motivations of those who teach… but God does.

    2. They have been deceived we just need to pray for them and all people don’t think that way it’s not Godly remember when you don’t do right our Father is very patient with you and the rest of us always pray for all saints

    3. John Piper is a godly man, humble and true to God. Those lampstands are symbolic of Gods churches that have their individual issues of failure in particular areas. The Bible is clear about that. Mark Driscoll is a tad bit harsh and he erred in trying to push his book ahead on the top sellers list, but again, he is a true believer and admitted his failure and stepped down.

      Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen and TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar are not preaching the true gospel. It is not our place to say they aren’t believers, but teachers are held to a higher standard.

      God allowed guys like Piper and Driscoll and Platt and Washer to be heard for our benefit. These men teach the truth and I support them.

      The church is failing in many areas, but that’s why Jesus is in charge. Where we fail, God is faithful.

  2. Thanks Chris. Appreciate this message. There is a group in my church who seem to preach this ‘dominion’ idea that the church will better the world and usher in both spiritual and political victory in this age, etc. I was curious to know exactly where it came from. They call themselves the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and are linked with Bill Johnson and the Bethel Church in the US. Do you know anything about this group? Further, can you recommend any books or web sites that also deal with this theology?


      Hi Gregory. I am not at all in favour of Bethel, GSMI or Bill Johnson. There are many sites on the internet that slate Johnson and the other NAR ‘Apostles’ but I am cautious of ‘discernment ministries’. However, the following documents are available on the web:
      ‘The rise of the New Apostolic Reformation and its implications for Adventist Eschatology’, by Trevor O’Reggio of Andrews University.
      ‘A critical analysis of the ecclesiology of the emerging apostolic churches with special reference to the notion of the fiveforld ministry’ a University of Pretoria Ph.D thesis by N T Resane.
      Kind regards.

  3. God knows they won’t listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ but, they (leaders)of this darkened world need to know there is a hidden truth after death and God’s court to attend to answer God’s question that (Did you hear?)

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