February 2022

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Hebrews Session 3

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Tuesday 1st March is International Pancake Day (yum), but it is also when Session 3 of the Hebrews bible study goes live. If you view it at 12h00 noon on Tuesday you will be able to interact with me and others via the chat feature, but you can watch it anytime after that.

The Link is https://youtu.be/UQbznOyq75U

This session is about how Jesus is superior to angels because they are messengers of the Word of God but he is the Word of God – they are servants but he is The Son.

Hebrews 1:4 to 2:18 also contains the first of five solemn warnings not to drift away from the Christian Faith and it is as much for us as it was for the Jewish Christians of Paul’s day.

As always, if you prefer to listen to the bible study as an audio-only version, please click on the play button below. Please share this post with those who would benefit, and subscribe, like and comment on this and our podcast channel. Thank you.

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Hebrews Session 2

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Session 2 of the Hebrews bible study goes live at 12h00 Tuesday 22nd February 2022.

As of Saturday, over 200 people had viewed the Session 1 video, so thank you for your support. If you know anyone you think would like to watch the series then please send them this link:


And if you missed the first session, you can also view it on the above link, or listen to it, see the structure, read the post and view it from my AudioVisual page on www.truthistheword.com

Session 2 deals with Jesus as superior to the Old Testament prophets but focuses on the first three verses of the book which culminate in the glorious statement that ‘the Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being’.

The link to this Tuesday’s noon video is below, so click on it now and set a reminder that will alert you before the session starts:


Don’t forget that if you watch the feed as it goes out live you will be able to interact with me and other viewers in the chat feature. If you miss it, you will still be able to watch the video at any time you choose by following the same link that I have provided above.

As usual, the link to the podcast (and audio-only version) is below. I am looking forward to continuing the journey through Hebrews with you.

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Hebrews Session 1

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Join me for the Premier of the Hebrews bible study!

The Hebrews bible study is about to start! The first session will premier on YouTube Tuesday 15th February 2022 at 12h00 (noon) and here is the link: https://youtu.be/1vgy2oJ7GEs. You can go there NOW and set a reminder for Tuesday to enjoy the experience as a group.

This first session introduces the series and covers such things as the need for this study, who wrote the book and when, and the structure of its content.

The audio track is right here at the foot of this post and on all the major podcast platforms. A document setting out the structure of the book of Hebrews is HERE

This fascinating book contains several unique insights and also links the Old and the New Testaments. Moreover, it boldly declares the supremacy and centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do hope that you will come with me on this journey through the book and that you will invite others to join us.

See you there!

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Prelude to Hebrews Bible Study

Are you keyed up to start the Hebrews Bible Study on the 15th of February? Ready to get your feet wet and dive on in?

If you are, you are in the right place as Dr. Christopher Peppler tells us what to expect from the series, how you will hear about new episodes and where to find them. You can watch his introduction below, or listen to the audio version of it if you prefer.

Until then, Admin


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TruthTalks: Glimmers from Hebrews

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In his post last week, Dr Christopher Peppler shared five points worth a better look at from the book of Hebrews. These are sometimes glimmers and sometimes rays of bright light to what he described as not only a fascinating doctrinal discourse as well as a source of practical direction and encouragement. Here, you can download and listen to the audio of that post. As always, please don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and generally pass the word along.

Join the Bible StudyPlease note: The bible study by Dr Christopher Peppler about the book of Hebrews starts on 15th February 2022 with each session being about 30 minutes long and will be linked to a YouTube video. If you would like to be reminded by WhatsApp, please leave a comment or email Chris directly with your phone number so he can add you to the group and you will receive updates on episodes etc. 

Click on the PLAY button below to listen to the audio on “Glimmers from Hebrews” now to get you ready for the upcoming Bible Study.

See you there!


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My name is Christopher Peppler and I was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1947. While working in the financial sector I achieved a number of business qualifications from the Institute of Bankers, Damelin Management School, and The University of the Witwatersrand Business School. After over 20 years as a banker, I followed God’s calling and joined the ministry full time. After becoming a pastor of what is now a quite considerable church, I  earned an undergraduate theological qualification from the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa and post-graduate degrees from two United States institutions. I was also awarded the Doctor of Theology in Systematic Theology from the University of Zululand in 2000.

Four years before that I established the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), which today is represented in over 70 countries and has more than 2 500 active students enrolled with it. I presently play an role supervising Masters and Doctoral students.

I am a passionate champion of the Christocentric or Christ-centred Principle, an approach to biblical interpretation and theological construction that emphasises the centrality of Jesus

I have been happily married to Patricia since the age of 20, have two children, Lance and Karen, a daughter-in-law Tracey, and granddaughters Jessica and Kirsten. I have now retired from both church and seminary leadership and devote my time to writing, discipling, and the classical guitar.

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