April 2017

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A nation reborn in a day?

One of the powerful declarations at the ‘It’s Time’ national day of prayer was “can a country be born in one day?’ and the over one million voices answering “Yes!”.

On the 22nd April 2017 Christian men, women, and children converged on a farm just outside Bloemfontein to intercede for a nation in crisis. They came in cars, busses, trains, and planes, bicycles, and even horses. They came from all over South Africa, and by the time the prayer meeting started there were well over a million believers joining hearts, minds, spirits, and voices together with one accord. We have to ask the same question the prophet Isaiah asked; ‘Who has heard of such a thing? Who has seen such things?’ (Isaiah 66:8) Nobody in South Africa has ever seen a gathering of this size before, let alone a peaceful, God-honouring gathering like this. Yet it is not just the day itself that was so remarkable.

To bring just 100,000 people together in one place usually requires many months of planning and facilitation, but the preparation for this gathering took just six weeks! The cost of a meeting of this magnitude is enormous yet there was no appeal for money and no offering taken. After much smaller open-air meetings the litter and damage is often considerable, but not this time; the location was left as it was found, clean and restored. Remarkable!

Look at this picture and ask yourself how many ushers were needed to park the cars and get the people into their assigned areas? How did the organisers manage to get so many speakers and TV screens and such a huge stage, and where did the money for this come from? How come there were no reports of major accidents before, during, or after the event? Surely, the organisation for the event was a miracle in itself?

I was not able to be there, but as I talk to those who did attend, read the accounts on social media, and meditate on this extraordinary event I come to the following conclusions:

  •  It was not so much what was said from the platform or who said it that was vital, but rather the fact that so many believers went to such trouble, cost and personal discomfort to be there.
  • The church of the Lord Jesus Christ was represented as one people together in submission to Almighty God and this must have caused the angels to rejoice and the devils to tremble.
  • The unbelieving people of the land will hear of this event. Even if the secular press downplay it and the politicians deride it, they will hear of it and be amazed. The event was a witness to the nation as a vast multitude of Christians shouted out with one voice, “We are deeply concerned for our nation yet we depend on God and we believe that He will intervene.”
  • A mighty throng of people came away enthused and encouraged to spread words of hope far and wide and determined to keep praying until they see their nation reborn.

I have not even tried here to write about God’s role in all of this for surely it is obvious that He cares, that He hears the cries of His people, and that He is able to act mightily. It is equally obvious that the Holy Spirit facilitated the event in the most remarkable way and that this work of His will be recounted by future generations.

Now, in what way could we expect this mighty happening to affect our nation, and can we legitimately trust that God is already at work in the affairs of our land? Can we claim that in some inexplicable sense God answered Isaiah’s Question of “Can a land be born in one day or a nation be delivered in an instant?” (Isaiah 66:8).

OFM Photo 1This is what I see happening:

  • The light of truth will shine in the darkness of our government and we will see and hear one leader after another speaking out against corruption, greed, arrogance and national theft. We have already witnessed this starting to happen within just one day of the prayer meeting.
  • The ruling party will continue to polarise and fragment into competing factions before our eyes and some of its key leaders will form new alliances. Once again, we are seeing the start of this right now.
  • Economic conditions will continue to deteriorate as the nation is paralysed by the political struggle gripping its throat.
  • The powers of evil in our national will most likely attack the church with every available means and accuse it of siding with foreign influences in betraying the elected leadership of the nation. But, with every onslaught, the light of truth will grow more intense and glorious. Remember what Jesus said to His disciples, and to us, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.“(John 16:33).
  • Churches across our nation will swell with countless numbers of people seeking truth, hope and love and very soon, we will be witnessing a genuine Holy Spirit, Jesus-centred revival of historic proportions.

OR perhaps this is not what will happen at all! Perhaps we will witness the hand of God sweeping down and removing the cancer at the heart of our society with surgical precision! Perhaps we will see our land re-born more dramatically and swiftly than we can even imagine. 1 Corinthians 2:9 “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”

Here is a point-by-point eyewitness account by Truth is The Word colleague Candice De Carvalho for those of you who, like me, were unable to attend this historic gathering:

  1. Worship started at 11:30 followed by a break and then another worship session at 13:00 – 13:30; at the beginning of worship we sang the national anthem together. There was an outstanding spirit-led worship leader who spoke in-between songs about Moses who asked the Lord “who am I that you should call me?” God responded by saying “I am who I am.” We were reminded that we come to Him only with what we have in our hands and that is the name of Jesus.
  2. Angus began speaking at 13:30 about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, a very emotional, loving, impassioned speech. He called a young boy of 12 to the stage to blow a Shofar – the sound had a huge emotional and spiritual impact.
  3. We were asked to take off our hats, join hands and go on our knees. He said that the word says “if my people who are called by my name…”  so we must be His people gathered. We followed in a prayer of salvation and repeated that we will serve no other gods but YOU; then we were given 5 minutes of personal prayer time. Asked to pray out loud and confess our sins. He spoke after that again giving scriptures and testimonies of other meetings.
  4. Angus acknowledged the political leaders who were present in a tent on the grounds without mentioning any of the parties or leaders. He said, “we respect and honour you for being here”. He was at pains to state that the meeting was not political and said we don’t fight against each other or political parties, but that our fight was one of good and evil.
  5. Angus mentioned a number of areas we were going to pray into and said he would pray for these areas and we were to say Amen to each prayer. He reminded us that Amen means ‘let it be so’ and that shows our agreement with his prayers.
  6. He prayed that God would raise up a Jesus-fearing government in our country very soon; that SA would become a country that takes the word of God  literally as it is written; we say no to immorality; we say no to sex before marriage; we say no to pornography, drug addiction, alcoholism; he asked that ‘racialism’ would be destroyed; that rape and senseless murder would be gone; to give our armed forces the power to bring stability back this nation; restoration in the family between mom and dad, between children and their parents; respect for all people, for underprivileged and poor people and rich people and all people in this country; we say there is NO OTHER GOD besides Jesus Christ and Him alone; we will not serve any other Gods save the Lord Jesus Christ; please forgive us for compromising our nation, our family, and our future; from today onwards we promise to stand up for truth and righteousness at all costs; that we serve no other gods; we draw a line in the sand and say, “devil, no further than this!” We come against stealing and theft; that parliament would be opened every day with the word of God and prayer. Most of the prayer is HERE. After the prayer, he said that God was pleased in with the gathering and says “thank you for making a renewed covenant with me”.
  7. Directly after these prayers for South Africa, he quoted scripture saying that – “if you ask for anything in my name and believe in me, you will receive what you ask for.” At that moment a mighty rushing wind swept from behind towards the stage. The wind was a sign from God to the gathering. The wind moved and ‘danced’ over the congregation in different areas at different times.
  8. A period of praying for individual healing followed. Angus asked us to stand up if we needed healing for different things and he prayed for healing of 1) Anxiety, stress, depression, fears; 2) Heart disease; 3) Cancer; 4) Women who can’t have children with their husbands. He reminded us that the place where we are meeting is called Wild Aloe which has medicinal properties. The Lord showed him that people would be healed.
  9. He drew the meeting to a close and asked us to leave respectfully and before we left he asked that we sing the song “No Longer Slaves”  (“I’m no longer a slave to fear but I am a child of God”.)

Other quotes taken from what Angus said:

OFM Photo4“People hardly have the time to pray, how could we expect change to take place? If we could pray to God for rain, just imagine what He could do with our prayers to heal the sick, to help the country, to turn hearts back to Him who is risen”

“The gathering is not a political meeting, but one of faith. Jesus is eagerly awaiting to hear from us. When people are desperate, they always pray to God for help”

“I’m not speaking to a church, I’m not speaking to a congregation, I’m speaking to a nation. And I want to ask you a question. Can a nation be born in a day?” To which the large crowd answered enthusiastically in the affirmative.

Great news coverage HERE and another good video HERE.

Personal impressions:

  • Throughout the meeting, I personally didn’t see one person with a political party T-shirt, and I loved that people refrained from this. I was also was pleased that there was no food or drink sold – nothing commercial. It was a statement of intent and focus that the meeting be for prayer and focus on Jesus. A man selling ice creams was asked to leave by marshals.
  • It was a super emotional event. I cried so many times! Oom Angus was also overcome a few times. One simply couldn’t stop the tears from slipping out!
  • The crowd was not as racially mixed as I was hoping for. However, all races seemed welcomed and loved by those around them. There was a supernatural unity among us that brought into sharp focus the meaning of the miracle of the body of Christ. We are no ordinary organised crowd – we are the miraculous gathered church of living stones under the headship of Christ. I became deeply aware of what the church is.
  • During  the first worship session before the delayed start, the Lord showed me the Garden of Gethsemane and reminded me of how the disciples slept, despite being asked by Jesus to keep awake with Him. I was so convicted not to sleep but to watch and pray. This was later confirmed when Oom Angus opened up the meeting by preaching about this passage and calling us to be watchmen for Jesus.
  • Again during the first worship session, the Lord said to me that the purpose of the event was “activation”. That we would be activated to go out again and pray more and influence where we can. This was also confirmed in the sermon.
  • I was deeply touched by the symbolism that I saw in the event being initiated by a simple video message to Oom Angus. I realised the impact that one humble individual can have – I see that God orchestrated this event in this way as symbolic message to us of how we as individuals leaving the event will go out and potentially have the same impact.
  • After the prayers for South Africa, a wind came up from behind me and blew my large South African flag (that was attached to my camping chair and lying still beside me) at top speedI also saw the wind in an umbrella in front of me – the umbrella was turned inside out from the gust. This was hugely impactful – I just jumped to my feet from my chair laughing hysterically with joy, happiness and excitement. Unspeakable joy!OFM Pic5
  • There was a song about the White Horse (We Will Ride), which was so special to me – I waved my SA flag during this song as a declaration of prayer for the Lord to “ride” over our precious nation. Afterwards, I heard the testimony of a woman who saw a vision of Jesus on a white horse above the gathering; she also received a sms from her daughter, who was absent, who saw the same vision. I was in awe when I heard this testimony.
  • Don’t believe the reports that say thousands or hundreds of thousands gathered. There were at least 1 million people, if not more. The best way I can personally describe the mass of people that were there is through sound not sight. When we said “amen”, for almost 4 seconds you could hear the echo of people behind you saying “amen”. The flat land meant you had no vantage point to see people, but the echoing sound told the story of the gathered church.
  • It was a glimpse of heaven! One day we will look around us and as far as the eye can see we will witness other worshipers in Jesus name. Will I ever see this again in my lifetime? If not, I will remember this day when I am in heaven and see it again in even more glory.

A prophetic word (I received at 5:30 am on Monday 24 April 2017):

I was reminded that we, the body of Christ are His bride. By his blood alone, He has made it possible for us to approach the throne of grace with confidence. Just as Esther entered the throne room of the King to plead for the nation of Israel, so we, as we pray, approach God now. He showed me that His scepter is stretched out to us a nation who are praying, and what we ask for our country in the name of Jesus, we will receive.


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It's time

“It’s Time!” prayer gathering… why?

It's time

Angus Buchan has called for one million Christians to gather for prayer on the 22nd April 2017 to ‘call upon The Lord to bring justice, peace and hope to our beloved South Africa‘. Why should we go?

Let me say up front that I support this initiative, and the reason I am not going is because my wife and I are caring for our two small granddaughters so our son and daughter-in-law can go.

In Old Testament times, the whole nation of Israel was sometimes called to assemble, either to hear what God had to say to them or to intercede in a time of national calamity. The New Testament people of God responded to crisis in the same way. When the authorities commanded Peter and John to stop preaching about Jesus, the Christians assembled and ‘raised their voices together in prayer to God’ (Acts 4:24). This was their first response to crisis, but not their only response. Listen to how they concluded their prayers:

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” (Acts 4:29-30) In other words, they asked God to empower them to speak His Word and then to do what they couldn’t do and perform a miracle! And God responded straight away by physically shaking the place where they were meeting and by filling them with power from on high.

Does God need a certain number of people to agree together before He decides to act?
No, I do not believe this for a minute. Will the prayers of many release sufficient power to enable God to move in our nation? No, God does not need our prayers in order to accomplish His mighty deeds! Prayer is talking reverently with God – no less and no more than that.

Why then should Christians go in their hundreds of thousands to the ‘It’s time’ prayer gathering?

  1. A huge gathering like this represents the church across the nation and declares with one voice “Almighty God, we are dependent on you. We can do little without your intervention and we acknowledge this.”
  2. There is the request on behalf of the whole church; “Father God, please speak to us and to our nation for we are desperate to hear from you Lord.”
  3. There is the urgent plea of “In Jesus mighty name, please come, Holy Spirit of the living God, and fill us with power from on high so that we can proclaim your Word with boldness and effectiveness.”
My expectation is that God will respond to the prayers of His people and I am anticipating a miraculous change in the spiritual condition of our country resulting in big changes to government and society.
My fervent hope is that the ‘It’s time’ national day of prayer will mark a decisive turning point in the downward trajectory of our nation, ushering in a new dispensation for ALL our people. Greed turned to giving, hate to compassion, fear to hope, poverty to earned prosperity, and godlessness to righteousness.
Could it be that the ‘It’s Time’ gathering will usher in a mighty spiritual revival in South Africa? I have been part of a group of about 20 people who have been getting together every week to pray for revival – for such a time as this? In genuine Holy Spirit, Jesus-centred revival God the Father moves miraculously on even the hardest hearts. He could convict members of parliament to act with integrity and to heed their consciences. He could bring confusion and calamity to the recalcitrant, and He moves powerfully and decisively in many other ways.
It is indeed time for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to come together and pray with one mind and voice. It is indeed time for all Christians in our land to raise our voices and speak into whatever our circles of influence may be. It is indeed time for us to have faith in Almighty God to intervene decisively in our nation. It is indeed time.

‘“But for you who revere my name, the sun (Son) of righteousness will rise with healing in its (His) wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall. Then you will trample down the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I do these things,” says the LORD ALMIGHTY’. Malachi 4:2-3

As this is a unique time in the history of South Africa, this TruthTalk encompasses both the article and the questions and answers so it is a little shorter than normal but we’d still love you to listen to it and have faith with us for a  Miraculous Revival in our country!












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TruthTalks Sermons

TruthTalks (Sermon) Revival Revisited Part 2

Revival Part 2

This is the second part of the 2 part series of TruthTalks by Dr. Christopher Peppler. If you missed part 1 and would like to catch up, please click HERE.

The “It’s Time” prayer gathering event is just around the corner and next week we are going to be writing, and talking about this and we would love to have YOUR thoughts on it which we can address in the question and answer session of the TruthTalks podcast, so please go ahead and let us know.
CLICK HERE and answer some questions for us – it would be great if we could pick up on your responses in our next Q&A.
  • Are you planning on going to the “It’s Time” event?
  • What is your motivation fro going or not going?
  • What are your expectations?

In this, the second part 2 of the 2-part Revival series we hear about the state of Christian Theology and the church today and how much we NEED revival! Take up the challenge and search your heart for what YOUR beliefs on revival are, then let us know.

Listen to part two of the Revival Revisited message below.


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TruthTalks Sermons

TruthTalks (Sermon) Revival Revisited Part 1

It't Time Revival

Talking about Revival!

A million people are expected to attend the “It’s Time” prayer gathering event happening in South Africa soon. So, next week we are going to be writing, and talking about this and we would love to have YOUR thoughts on it which we can address in the question and answer session of the TruthTalks podcast.
Please CLICK HERE  and answer some questions for us – it would be great if we could pick up on your responses in our next Q&A.
  • Are you planning on going to the “It’s Time” event?
  • What is your motivation fro going or not going?
  • What are your expectations?

This week we are listening to two teachings Dr. Christopher Peppler gave from Isaiah 61 concerning Revival.  In the first teaching, he also asks if we believe you will see revival in OUR day. He uses the Hebrides and the local Kwazisabantu revivals as interesting case studies.

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The worm has been turned

The worm has been turned

We have come to a moment of destiny for South Africa.

We stand at a crossroads with one path leading to dictatorship and national destruction, and the other to the realisation of the dream of a democratic, non-racial, and prosperous country. We have, and we continue to intercede fervently for God to intervene…

…and I believe that He has, and He is, and He will!
I wrote this article in November 2016, after the courts had ordered that the Public Protector’s State Capture report be released. As I wrote it I was conscious of the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, but when I had completed the task I had a strong check in my spirit that I should not publish it just then. I had a sense that the timing was not right and that it lacked an essential element of redemption and hope. But, now I feel the time is right.

To combat darkness, we must all shine whatever light we have. This starts by speaking out into our circles of influence. This comment is my little light beam.
This article is addressed to South African Christians but applies in part to many nations at this time.

The ‘worm’, in Shakespeare’s quaint saying ‘the worm has turned’, refers to the ancient, fire-spewing dragon of myth and fairy lore. In our nation, South Africa, the dragon has not turned of his own choice, but because of the efforts of hundreds of brave saint Georges. The bravest of all dragon slayers is our erstwhile Public Protector but in her wake has risen a legion of true freedom fighters. And as the swords of truth and integrity rise high to strike, we look and observe with surprise that the dragon is actually just a worm after all.

I am convinced that we will look back on the 2nd November 2016 as the day the worm was turned. On that day the judges of the Supreme Court issued an order that the Public Protector’s ‘state capture’ report be immediately made public, and between every page crawled the maggots of corruption! Crooked business men, corrupt politicians, leaders of state-owned entities, and assorted other wigglers. The report does not so much reveal the danger of state capture but rather documents the critical evidence that the state has already been captured. Men and woman of ill will, greedy disposition, and misdirected loyalty sit snugly under every key rock in the formal garden of our state.

But light is now shining brightly on the areas of corruption. Paul wrote ‘Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible’ (Ephesians 5:11-14). The rocks are being turned over one by one and the light is shining brightly on the worms beneath. And what do worms do when exposed to light? They wiggle – and what a wiggling we are now witnessing! Barefaced lying, inane excuses, arrogant and angry claims that the Public Protector’s report is incorrect, biased and riddled with ‘gossip’… wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

We delude ourselves if we think that the number one worm will line up all his invertebrates behind him and slither off into the sunset. On the contrary, he will wiggle all the more, rage against white economic colonialism, disparage those wise and seasoned men and woman within his own party, and dig in as deeply as he can into the mud of control, manipulation, lies, and arrogant recalcitrance.

And all the while our economy is strangling and is gasping for breath, the horde of angry and disillusioned unemployed men and woman is growing to record highs, while the rating agencies are poised to downgrade our nation to junk status. But our leaders simply blame the rating agencies of being unfair and biased against emerging economies and bluster about creating their own rating agency, despite the lunacy of the notion. The next generation of thought leaders are either throwing stones at university security officers in their violent demands for free education or struggling to be able to write their examinations and qualify. All the while, provincial governments and state-owned entities are exposed as chalking up tens of billions of unauthorised expenditures, to the extent that the entire higher education bill could have been paid from the corruption and wastage alone. The power utility CEO brags about how clever he has been in keeping the nation supplied with electricity when everyone knows that the failing economy has reduced the demand for power considerably. Then the Public Protector reveals that this CEO is under scrutiny for mismanagement at best and blatant corruption at worst. His response is to cry crocodile tears, literally, and then resign – problem solved… not! The head of the National Prosecuting Authority tries to have the Minister of Finance arrested on trumped-up charges and at the same time, he does nothing about obeying a court order to reinstate the over 700 charges against the State President. And so it goes, a painful and pathetic litany of moral and ethical failure, greed, and arrogance, followed by exposure, denial, and a total lack of accountability.

What is to be done? Can we afford, and I mean that literally, to wait until the process of successive elections slowly changes the balance of power in our nation? Will we have a nation worthy of the name left by then? Or can we justify and risk civil unrest, revolt, and a coup? I shudder at both of these alternatives!
As passionate believers in the ability of Almighty God to change reality, we can ask Him to intervene. We can acknowledge that we have probably been given the government we deserve but we can say, with painful sincerity, that we have learned our lessons, and that we commit ourselves to a just, lawful, moral, ethical, and godly system of government and society. We can plead with God to send revival to His church, to remove the evil from our structures of power, and to give us another chance. Then we need to submit ourselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to what actions we should undertake to follow our words of protest.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over you”.
Isaiah 60:1-2

In the early hours of Friday the 31st March 2017, the president of South Africa made his big move to grab power over the country from the hands of the ruling party. Without consulting his leaders, he announced a massive cabinet reshuffle designed to achieve three tactical objectives; to place his sycophants in the remaining cabinet posts not yet personally loyal to him, to secure a greater number of parliamentary seats that he could count on, and to capture the national treasury. In a flagrant display of arrogance and contempt for his party and the people of the land, he fired the most efficient minister in his cabinet on the grounds that he was improving efficiency and effectiveness. His flimsy and unpublicised excuse for axing the minister of finance was a ridiculously inept and incomprehensible ‘Intelligence report’ claiming that the minister was engaged in treasonous activity. Yesterday one of the three major rating agencies degraded South Africa to junk status and a second will follow suite by the end of the week. As I write this, our markets have not yet opened but I am expecting a disastrous fall in the value of the Rand. However, despite the deepening darkness let me switch on the light of hope.

On Monday 27th March the Revival Prayer Meeting of our local church met as usual. Unsurprisingly, the major focus of our prayers was intercession for our nation. We prayed that God would step in and dramatically intervene and we acknowledged our dependence on Him. One prayer went as follows;

‘Please Lord, just as you sent an angel to confront Balaam will you not stand before our president with your hand up and say, ‘Enough! Stop! Be silent”’.Before the meeting ended we had a deep sense that there were thousands of groups of Christians all across our land interceding just as we were.
The next day a grand old stalwart of the liberation movement died and the day after that was laid to rest. At his funeral, former president Kgalema Motlanthe read out Ahmed Kathrada’s message from the grave, that Jacob Zuma should step down for the sake of the nation. This funeral service signalled a great intervention by Almighty God because it initiated waves of response and resolve that are now washing over the nation like ever-expanding ripples in a pond.

I believe that over the next few weeks we are going to witness, and even participate in, the decisive ‘turning of the worm’ and the start of a new era for our nation. There is more drama to come and I anticipate brazen and desperate attempts by the Zuma faction to stay in power. But, I do believe that God is acting on behalf of righteousness and that soon, very soon, we will be praising His name for another great miracle in our land.

The Lord Jesus had remarkably little to say to the political rulers of His time, but what he said to Herod is so appropriate. Luke 13:31-32 ‘At that time some Pharisees came to Jesus and said to him, “Leave this place and go somewhere else. Herod wants to kill you.” He replied, “Go tell that fox, ‘I will drive out demons and heal people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal.’…” Perhaps we could paraphrase this and apply it to our times and situation with these words; “Go tell that worm, ‘I will drive out the demons and heal this land and her people, and surely I will accomplish my goal’”.

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About Me

My name is Christopher Peppler and I was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1947. While working in the financial sector I achieved a number of business qualifications from the Institute of Bankers, Damelin Management School, and The University of the Witwatersrand Business School. After over 20 years as a banker, I followed God’s calling and joined the ministry full time. After becoming a pastor of what is now a quite considerable church, I  earned an undergraduate theological qualification from the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa and post-graduate degrees from two United States institutions. I was also awarded the Doctor of Theology in Systematic Theology from the University of Zululand in 2000.

Four years before that I established the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), which today is represented in over 70 countries and has more than 2 500 active students enrolled with it. I presently play an role supervising Masters and Doctoral students.

I am a passionate champion of the Christocentric or Christ-centred Principle, an approach to biblical interpretation and theological construction that emphasises the centrality of Jesus

I have been happily married to Patricia since the age of 20, have two children, Lance and Karen, a daughter-in-law Tracey, and granddaughters Jessica and Kirsten. I have now retired from both church and seminary leadership and devote my time to writing, discipling, and the classical guitar.

If you would like to read my testimony to Jesus then click HERE.